Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jessica Simpson nude pics

Jessica is 29 years old, can you believe in that…I think she will be 22 for ever. No, serious, she looks so damn hot that I can’t imagine her old. Her height is 5’2.5”...? I didn’t know she is that small. On television she looks like a long legs super hot blond. But even if she is not tall, she has got the most amazing body I know. So it is our duty to say something about this Jessica Simpson nude photo.

I always like blonds…Blonds are always look superhot and sexy. Jessica’s blond and a bit curly hair are very suit her face…Her look is penetrating your eyes and you can forget about everything when you see something like that.

Not it is time for us to appreciate the most sexy and so exciting body part of her…Of course I mean Jessica Simpson tits. I am not going to say it she did a plastic surgery to make them bigger and more elastic, because it is pointless…You see what you see…her boobs are great and that is it…How did she get them is not our problem.

If you look at her belly you will not see any abs on it. The hell with abs, look how sexy it is man…I mean I have not see a waist like this.

I wonder how Jessica Simpson playboy photos look like. If she is naked there, I would like to appreciate them.

And for now, I have to make an evaluation on this photo of Jessica Simpson topless. I guess it will not be a surprise if I say I am rating that picture with the grade of A+.